What we provide

Network Setup

Dedicated team providing sustainable and reliable network solutions with expert installation and solar power for uninterrupted connectivity, surpassing expectations.

Wi-Fi Optimization

Enhance client connectivity with cutting-edge WiFi optimization services. Expert team utilizes advanced techniques for seamless and lightning-fast network performance across all devices.


Accessible support team ready to assist with connectivity challenges, offering troubleshooting and personalized solutions. Peace of mind with experts just a call or click away.

Empowering Connectivity in Uganda's Remote Areas

Uganda encounters infrastructure hurdles hindering the extension of the electricity/power grid, especially in remote areas. We provide a cost-effective solution. Our solar-powered Internet routers operate independently of the national electricity grid, enabling deployment in any part of Uganda. Experience high-speed Internet connectivity wherever needed, overcoming infrastructure limitations.

Recent Projects

UbuntuNet Connect 23

Our routers deployed to support connectivity at the UbuntuNet Connect 2023 Conference.

African Rural University

The solar-powered routers deployed at African Rural University to enhance connectivity within campus.

Uganda Christian University

Uganda Christian University has enhanced campus connectivity by deploying solar-powered routers.